ATPR Introduces Property Search Products

October 14, 2014

American Tax & Property Reporting Inc. (ATPR), a provider of technology-focused solutions for the real estate and settlement services industry, launched a new property search product called SmartProp.

SmartProp is a product of SLK Global available through ATPR sales channel. The SmartProp range of property reports include current owner, two owner, property conveyance, open mortgages, judgments and liens, tax information, tax status and legal description. SmartProp complements an existing suite of products targeted toward lenders and the title insurance industry that include tax certificates, municipal lien certificates, tax reporting provided through American Tax Reporting, an affiliate company.

Alok Datta, president of ATPR, is confident title businesses will find SmartProp to be more reliable than similar competitive products.  

“SmartProp is backed by a robust nationwide network of abstractors. Generally, rapid turnaround time and accuracy are the biggest impetus for the use of such a product, and SmartProp delivers that,” he said.

Ramachandran Ariyur, chief marketing officer for ATPR, added that beta users said the product has reduced time in the production and ordering process.

Ariyur noted that SmartProp is now available to title underwriters and agencies, as well as mortgage lenders, attorneys, government sponsored enterprises (GSEs) and asset management firms.  

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