Entrust Adds Fidelity to Nexus Program Underwriters

October 7, 2014

Entrust Solutions, a title insurance servicing company, recently added Fidelity National Title Group to its Nexus Program of Underwriters.

The program provides small to medium size agents and attorneys a platform to conduct real estate closings with little risk and an opportunity to stay in business as underwriters’ remittance requirements continue to increase, said Jonathan Yasko, founder and managing member of Entrust Solutions.

“Fidelity National Title Group is pleased to enter into an agency relationship with Entrust,” said John Obzud, executive vice president of National Agency Operations.  “We are now part of their Nexus Program which provides ongoing business and compliance solutions for title agents and at the same time allows them to focus on existing customers and new business development activities.”

Fidelity National Title Group, the nation’s largest title insurance company generated $5.96 billion in revenue for 2013. 

“This is exciting for us and I am thrilled to develop the Nexus Program platform with Fidelity,” Yasko said. “Due to the upcoming changes from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and new Best Practices, we can help local title agents and attorneys continue to be involved in real estate transactions.”

Entrust will continue the Nexus Program expansion in additional states for 2015, along with additional new services for regulatory compliance, according to Yasko.

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