North American Title Selects Search and Recording Provider

September 30, 2014

A.S.K. Services Inc. has teamed up with North American Title Insurance Co. (NATIC) to provide title searches and recording solutions to NATIC’s independent agents via its SearchLink Network for the states of Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

“Responding to fluctuating workload volume is one of the biggest challenges for title agency management,” said Emilio Fernandez, NATIC president. “As an underwriter that strives to truly partner with our agents, NATIC continues to add providers to our SearchLink Network tool to make it a more valuable solution to handle complex searches and examinations.”

Each SearchLink provider contracts with NATIC, offering local searches, either nationally or in a specific geographic region. NATIC agents can order searches via SearchLink, knowing they meet NATIC’s requirements for quality and accuracy. In addition, the liability for any search error remains with the SearchLink Network and NATIC.

“We look forward to serving NATIC’s title agents with title searches they can depend on,” said Bart Bryant, chief executive officer of A.S.K. Services. “Our robust search network is staffed with expert abstractors who can ‘think local’ because they understand the nuances of the counties in which they search.

“A.S.K. is small enough to care, delivering responsive, personalized service. A.S.K. is big enough to serve, offering solutions that fit perfectly the needs of today’s busy title agents,” added Bryant.

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