Land Title and Escrow Changes Name to TitleOne

August 12, 2014

Land Title and Escrow announced that the company will operate under the TitleOne brand. The name change is effective immediately and is a result of being acquired by TitleOne in March.

“We are excited to operate under the TitleOne banner,” said Larry Roberts, formerly Land Title’s president, who was recently appointed a senior vice president at TitleOne. “With TitleOne’s footprint across the entire state of Idaho, our team members overwhelmingly wanted to convert to the TitleOne name and be part of the broader organization and avoid any customer confusion of separate names.” TitleOne President Doug Brigham confirmed that as a result of the name change, business will operate as usual. Roberts will continue in his role in Magic Valley and no staffing changes are anticipated.

“As part of our focus on innovation, new technologies, and expansion of our TitleOne footprint, we determined that having one company under one name makes sense from both a financial and operational standpoint,” Brigham said. “In addition, merging the capabilities of team members from both organizations enables everyone to be on the same team, under the same name, with the same great emphasis on people and service. Combining TitleOne’s tools and innovation with the legacy of Land Title’s exceptional customer service creates enhanced marketing programs and products that will benefit customers in the Magic Valley.”

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