SoftPro Integrates with Fidelity TitleWave

July 22, 2014

SoftPro recently integrated with Fidelity National Title’s TitleWave system. Agents of the Fidelity National Title family of underwriters can now order and retrieve products from TitleWave, Fidelity’s online title search order and retrieval system, directly from the SoftPro 360 exchange platform.

“SoftPro customers who are agents for any of Fidelity National Title’s family of underwriters will benefit tremendously from the latest SoftPro 360 integration with TitleWave,” said Joyce Weiland, president of SoftPro. “One of our primary goals is to provide tools to increase the productivity of our users, and this coupling of programs certainly does that.”

SoftPro 360 acts as a bridge between SoftPro customers’ closing and title production data and the products and services they need to order in conjunction with their work. This new integration provides the ability to directly order and retrieve TitleWave search products, including documents, notes and invoices, without leaving SoftPro, and most importantly, without having to rekey any data. Because SoftPro 360 is free to SoftPro users, there is no additional cost to ordering products and services.

“TitleWave has been a great success for our agents and we are continuing to find new and improved ways to offer the best title services in the most convenient and efficient manner,” said Erika Meinhardt, president of national agency operations for Fidelity National Financial. “This partnering of two great products is a significant step toward advancing that goal.”

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