Canaan Title Solutions to Hold User Conference to Introduce New Software

June 10, 2014

Canaan Title Solutions LLC, a nearly four-year-old title plant software company from Hardy, Ark., released a portion of their new product, Canaan Title Plant, in November of 2013, and will release the full product in the fall of 2014.

The company will hold a user group meeting in Springdale, Ark., on Thursday, June 19 to introduce and demonstrate the new software.

"The goal is get as many of our clients and also any of those companies that use the Title Search product together in one room to fully demonstrate and discuss the new product," said founding member Gregg Strobbe. "We want it to be a fun and informative day."

The members of Canaan are made up of past employees of the former Ultima Corporation that created the award-winning software, Title Search. They started the Canaan company supporting users of that software.

Canaan Title Plant has two purposes, it will be used by title companies as their in house title plant, and online through Canaan Online, which allows title companies to share their title plants with other researchers. In November 2013, Canaan officially offered Sharp County, Ark., to online users. They added six counties in southeast Missouri in February, then three more Arkansas counties in March. An addition 52 counties in Idaho and Montana, along with an Oklahoma county will be added in May, according to the company.

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