WFG Goes Live with Compliance Management System

May 22, 2014

WFG National Title Insurance Co. announced that its Compliance Management System (CMS) is now active and agents can use the electronic platform to access information about key compliance requirements and tools to assist the design of compliance policies and procedures.

According to Joe Drum, executive vice president for WFG National Title, the company has made the rollout of the system a priority over the past several months. The project has been spearheaded by Donald O’Neil, the company’s chief compliance officer; Rick Diamond, senior vice president of IT and agency operations; and Kelley Shellhaas, assistant Midwest underwriting counsel.

Key components of the platform include:

  • More than two dozen templates for policies and procedures that agents can customize and brand as their own;
  • Detailed guidance to help agents design and implement compliance programs consistent with best industry practices and regulatory requirements;
  • Technology solutions agents can use to manage, monitor and update their compliance policies and procedures;
Nick Henderson is the chief executive officer of Omaha, Nebraska-based title agency Title Core LLC. He made the decision to make WFG’s CMS platform a part of its compliance program. Henderson notes that the system’s flexibility is important at a time when compliance requirements and lender needs may change again.

“The system is focused, really, on lender compliance requirements, even above and beyond ALTA’s Best Practices recommendations,” he said. “The overriding philosophy is that this new compliance environment is a journey that lenders and their partners will need to take together. The lender may add additional requirements, so the fact that this CMS is not purely a set of templates, but rather, an effort to examine my agency’s strengths and highlight possible areas of improvement is extremely important.”

Drum said the CMS doesn’t provide off-the-shelf compliance programs appropriate for all agents, “those one-size-fits-all programs don’t exist.”

“It will provide the building blocks agents can use to create compliance programs that match their business needs and meet the standards their lender clients have set,” he added.

According to Diamond, “When lenders or their auditors ask for proof of compliance efforts—and if they haven’t yet, they will—agents using the CMS will be able to provide the documentation lenders require and the reassurance they need.”

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