Stewart Partners with Screening Services Provider

April 24, 2014

Stewart Information Services Corp. announced an agreement with Business Information Group (BIG), a screening services provider that works with some of the world’s largest insurance, securities and financial services firms, to provide standard background checks, occupational health screenings and compliance evaluations.

“At Stewart, we use BIG screenings as a part of our agency due diligence to help ensure the highest quality agency network and to meet the requirements of Stewart’s Trusted Provider Program,” said George Houghton, group president of agency operations. “Now we’re excited to announce that one of the leading insurance and financial services screening providers, BIG, will be a service available to our independent agencies to perform the same progressive and efficient background checks on their staff.”

Under the agreement, Stewart Trusted Providers can take advantage of discounted rates offered by BIG, making it easy and cost effective to work with BIG to perform background checks on applicants and employees alike while protecting title agencies from financial risk.

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