CertainSafe Expands Secure File-Sharing Platform Service to Title Industry

April 24, 2014

CertainSafe, a secure file-sharing platform, announced expansion into the title insurance industry through the signing of Clear To Close Services, a Virginia-based title and settlement sourcing provider.

CertainSafe claims its proprietary MicroTokenization technology encrypts files “so securely as to be virtually unhackable.”

“For over a decade we have diligently ensured the security and integrity of our clients’ data, including the financial and personal information of each of our clients customers,” said Aanchal Bali, vice president of business development at Clear To Close Services. “With increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, posing serious concerns of data and identity theft, our management team understands the criticality of strict and consistent adherence to complex data security compliance requirements.”

MicroTokenization protects data by breaking down files and micro encrypting them all the way down to the byte level, the company said in a release. These various tokens are then scattered across different servers, and reassembled when files are accessed. This defeats the hacker who cannot gain access to one complete file, according to CertainSafe.

“CertainSafe enables service providers like Clear To Close Services and moderately sized companies with security options that previously were only available to the largest enterprises and government agencies,” said Chris Donesa, CertainSafe advisory board member.

With the rapid growth of data breaches and identity theft, industries dealing with sensitive information face increasing risks. CertainSafe said it makes security options and processes available to protect data even in the event of a breach and helps to mitigate those business risks.

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