SoftPro Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation and Service

April 15, 2014

A lot has changed in the 30 years since computer programmer and entrepreneur Loren Harrell launched SoftPro, a provider of title, closing and escrow software. In 1984 Steve Jobs had just released the Macintosh—the first personal computer with a graphical interface—and IBM made it possible to store and have instant access to a warehouse worth of data on one of its new 3480 cartridge tapes. There was a thirst for applications that would boost productivity and lower costs, particularly in the labor and paper intensive title and closing industry.

With several local attorneys seeking a software solution for preparing their real estate closing documents, SoftPro developed an application that could scale to meet the needs of real estate attorneys as well as title and escrow companies. Central to SoftPro’s core philosophy was that its software should be both customizable and easy to use—and that the professional, results-oriented end users for whom the product was designed would be provided first-rate customer support and service.

“SoftPro was based on a simple concept,” said SoftPro President Joyce Weiland, “Understand what the customer wants and deliver above and beyond those expectations.”

Throughout its history, SoftPro has looked for ways that emerging technologies could help customers work smarter, faster and more cost effectively. SoftPro has released innovative technologies such as vendor integrations, workflow management, integrated web-order entry, electronic image scanning, to more recent mobile computing and cloud-based transaction management capabilities.

SoftPro has more than 60,000 users at 14,000 customer sites across the nation.

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