Revisions to CPLs, Short Form Policy Published as Final

April 15, 2014

The following Forms have passed through the comment period and have been published in final on the ALTA website in the "Recently Approved Forms - Final Publication" section:

  • ALTA Closing Protection Letter - Multiple Transactions (04-02-14)
  • ALTA Closing Protection Letter - Single Transaction (04-02-14)
  • ALTA Endorsement 40-06 Tax Credit - Owner's Policy (04-02-14)
  • ALTA Endorsement 40.1-06 Tax Credit - Defined Amount - Owner’s Policy (04-02-14)
  • ALTA Short Form Expanded Coverage Residential Loan Policy (04-02-14)
The ALTA Board of Governors approved recommendations to adopt the two new endorsements and make revisions to two closing protection letters and a short form policy. Several comments were accepted and publication headers have been updated, so it is important that the final publications be downloaded. Pursuant to the comment period, the revised ALTA CPLs have been modified to clarify jurisdiction and application of law in Paragraph 13. Also pursuant to the comment period, the new ALTA Endorsement 40.1 (Tax Credit - Defined Amount - Owner's Policy) has been modified to remove the signature block for the insured.

In addition, the ALTA Forms Committee has posted Technical Corrections to existing forms (see the “Recent Technical Corrections” section):
  • ALTA Endorsement 29-06 Interest Rate Swap Endorsement - Direct Obligation (2-3-10)
  • ALTA Endorsement 29.1-06 Interest Rate Swap - Additional Interest (2-3-10)
  • ALTA Endorsement 29.2-06 Interest Rate Swap Endorsement - Direct Obligation - Defined Amount (08-01-11)
  • ALTA Endorsement 29.3-06 Interest Rate Swap Endorsement - Additional Interest - Defined Amount (08-01-11)
Contact Kelly Romeo, ALTA’s staff liaison to the ALTA Forms Committee, at with questions.

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