Adeptive Integrates With Entrinsik’s Reports and Dashboard Tool

March 25, 2014

Adeptive Software announced it has integrated is ResWare software package with Entrinsik Informer, a business intelligence application used to deliver reports and dashboards. Timothy Kennedy of Baillie & Hershman PC said the ability to create custom reports saves his company many work hours per week.

“We went from taking 30 to 45 minutes to gather the information we needed for our analytics needs to approximately 15 seconds,” he said. “On a weekly basis, we are saving over four hours and are no longer taxing some of our most valuable resources. The time savings will easily help us justify the investment.

“The marriage between ResWare and Informer works well because the fields are recognizable and the output is accurate. Customized reports make the results more proactive for management. Lastly, it eliminates the human error factors since the entire process is automated,” Kennedy continued. ResWare users have the ability to create multidimensional reports and visualizations and customize report output using drag-and-drop, point-and-click functionality. Any data field can be extracted from ResWare and be made available to track key metrics including order status, source of business, escrow account balances or any other metric important to the organization. Informer also allows users to combine data from data stores other than ResWare, providing an integrated and single source repository for all reporting and analysis needs across the enterprise. "Spending 15 years in the title software market I’m excited to bring an elegant reporting and visualization solution like Informer to a data-driven industry,” said Tad Buck, director of Informer Solutions. “Not having to rely on custom report development and doctoring Excel spreadsheets to get information when users need it quickly creates a competitive advantage in this industry."

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