Watch General Session Recordings from the Business Strategies Conference

March 18, 2014

If you attended the conference but missed a general session, or couldn’t join us in Nashville, ALTA recorded the presentations so you can listen to the great information shared about the CFPB’s integrated mortgage disclosures, identity fraud and Best Practices.

Thursday, March 13

Click here to watch Thursday’s general session.

  • A panel of industry experts including Phil Schulman of K&L Gates, Tim Armbruster of ClosingCorp, Ruth Dillingham of First American, Cynthia Blair of Rogers, Townsend & Thomas and Richard Horn (former CFPB official) of Dentons law firm discuss the biggest workflow and process challenges title companies will face as the industry transitions from today’s HUD-1 to the new Closing Disclosure Form.
  • Glen Garrity offers training on how to recognize a fraudulent ID and prevent costly court proceedings. During the seminar, he used real and fake IDs and discussed Social Security card features among other identity theft topics.
Friday, March 14

Click here to watch Friday’s general session
  • Pat Carney of reQuire, Randall D’Arche of WFG National Title, Andy Maloney of Nashville Title Corp. and Greg McDonald of Cloudstar addressed the third pillar of the Best Practices and how to protect non-public personal information by demonstrating potential vulnerabilities and provide examples of how criminals can access NPI from title companies.
  • ALTA President Rob Chapman discussed how title companies must balance technology advancements that increase productivity and lower transaction costs, but also opens the door to data protection issues and new, sophisticated risks to organizations, such as data breaches and fraudulent disbursement of escrow funds.

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