Several Counties Implement e-Recording, Enhance Systems

February 27, 2014

Counties in Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, New Jersey and Wisconsin either installed software to begin accepting documents electronically for recording or updated their system to improve efficiency.

In Florida, St. Johns County selected to update its system to Pioneer Technology Group’s (PTG) Landmark technology to serve as the jurisdiction’s records system,

“Our old recording software had become outdated and was not compatible with our future plans for the direction of the Clerk’s office” said Cheryl Strickland, who has served as St. Johns county clerk of the circuit court for the past 20 years. “The Landmark system will greatly improve records access and provide new online features for the public, and Pioneer is a partner that has proven to deliver exceptional service and support. The result will be better public access, increased efficiency, and better service for the citizens of St. Johns County.”

In Michigan, three counties have implemented eRecording Partners Network’s (ePN) e-recording system. Kalamazoo, Kalkaska and Livingston counties are now accepting e-recording through ePN, which now provides its network to 19 counties in Michigan.

In Wisconsin, Langlade County became the 39th recording jurisdiction in the state to adopt Simplifile’s e-recording service. The county joins more than 1,000 counties nationwide that are part of Simplifile’s e-recording network.

“E-Recording provides our recording customers with a more cost-effective and convenient option, and it helps the county save money on paper and recording costs, too,” said Langlade County Register of Deeds Sandy Fischer. “The best part about it is that customers can send us their documents online, we can review them in minutes, and we don’t have to use the mail to send them back. It’s a lot faster and easier for everyone.”

More than 60 percent of the counties in Nebraska now use Simplifile for e-recording with the addition of Sherman County.

“Simplifile’s service makes it possible for customers to have their documents recorded with Sherman County in a matter of minutes,” said Paul Clifford, Simplifile’s president. “No matter how big or small a county is, e-recording helps to decrease paper waste and mailing costs, and it also improves the overall efficiency of the recording process."

In New Jersey, Hunterdon County became the 15th recording jurisdiction in the state to adopt Simplifile’s e-recording service.

“We wanted to be able to join with other county clerks throughout the state that are currently providing a convenient, efficient, and paperless means of recording,” said Hunterdon County Clerk Mary Melfi. “E-recording is better for the environment, faster and there is less chance for error.”

The fourth pillar of ALTA’s “Title Insurance and Settlement Company Best Practices” provides guidelines for recording procedures. The use of e-recording can aid in the implementation and documentation of recording procedures.

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