Launches New Tools for the Oil and Gas Community

February 4, 2014 announces the launch of two products aimed at improving productivity in the oil and gas community.

A “Lease Alert” sends users email notifications of all oil and gas related documents after they are filed at the selected Texas courthouse and recorded by the county clerk. The alert allows users to track Texas counties and view actual oil and gas documents filed without going to the courthouse. The tool is designed to keep landmen and producers up to date on when and where leases are filed and when minerals rights are conveyed.

“Lease Check” allows landmen to drill down to a county and search by survey name or abstract number, according to Courthouse Users can view oil and gas leases, memorandums, mineral and royalty deeds as well as unit designations and pooling agreements. A typical lease check can take a week or more to complete. With this service, the same search can be completed within a few minutes or hours, the company said in a release.

Both products are available at with data coverage in over 75 Texas counties with more coming soon.

“These tools have been in development for some time and we’re excited to finally release them to the oil and gas community,” said Paul Cones, president of “At Courthouse Direct, our goal is help our clients work smarter and faster and be more efficient. These two new products will do just that.”

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