Alaska Confirms All Jurisdictions Now Enabled for E-recording

February 4, 2014

Alaska has become the third multi-jurisdictional state in which 100 percent of its recording jurisdictions are eRecording enabled.

Colorado was the first multi-jurisdictional state to earn the 100 percent designation, with Arizona reaching that landmark in 2012. Hawaii also claims 100 percent with its state-based recording system.

“Alaska is divided into 34 recording districts, which are under the jurisdiction of the State of Alaska, so recording is handled at the state level not in the borough or municipality,” said Vicky Backus, Alaska’s state recorder. “We initially looked into building our own internal e-recording system, but we also shopped around to see what was available.”

Alaska began e-recording in 2012 at its Anchorage office and expanded from there. All 34 or Alaska’s recording districts were enabled for e-recording as of January 2014.

With the number of counties that are e-recording across the nation surpassing the 1,000 mark, more states are expected to join Alaska, Arizona, Colorado and Hawaii with 100 percent involvement.

"E-recording hit another milestone with one more state falling into the 100 percent column,” said David Ewan, PRIA president and underwriting counsel for Westcor Land Title Insurance Co. “We hope to increase the pace of full-participation states by developing seamless implementation strategies through the use of the PRIA eRecording eXcellence Work Group."

PRIA, the national standard-setting body for the land records industry, maintains a list of counties that have implemented e-recording technology and posts the list on its website. The list includes counties whose implementations have been confirmed by PRIA and is available to the public.

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