Simplifile E-recording Network Reaches 1,000 Counties

January 23, 2014

Simplifile announced Bourbon County, Kan., as its 1,000th U.S. county to adopt its e-recording service, making Simplifile the first e-recording provider in the nation to grow its network to 1,000 recording jurisdictions.

“We’re honored to celebrate this landmark achievement with Bourbon County as our 1,000th e-recording county,” said Paul Clifford, president of Simplifile. “There is no question that e-recording saves time and money for both the county and its customers, which is why it has quickly become the preferred method for recording nationwide.”

To celebrate the milestone, Simplifile teamed up with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant 1,000 trees in the nation’s forests.

“These trees will help provide cleaner air and cleaner water, habitat for wildlife and beauty for all to enjoy. By helping us to plant trees, Simplifile is demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship that will benefit our current generation and future generations to come,” said Dan Lambe, vice president of Programs and Corporate Partnerships of the Arbor Day Foundation.

Working with the Arbor Day Foundation goes hand in hand with Simplifile’s environmentally-friendly recording solutions, helping counties and their customers’ transition to a more paperless work environment.

“We’re excited to partner with the Arbor Day Foundation to help restore our nation’s tree population and support our customers who save trees every day just by e-recording. We wanted to do something special to commemorate this milestone not only for our company, but also for them,” Clifford said.

Simplifile’s e-recording service enables title companies, banks, attorneys, lien filers, and all other types of document submitters record documents electronically. Instead of submitting documents to counties by mail, courier service, or driving to the courthouse, customers can quickly scan, upload, and submit using Simplifile’s online service. In minutes, counties can receive, review, record and return the documents back to customers through Simplifile.

Last year alone, Simplifile added more than 200 recording jurisdictions to its e-recording network and now covers nearly one third of the nation’s recording jurisdictions. With the addition of New York City and its surrounding boroughs, the Simplifile also provides more population coverage than any other vendor with its service available to over 62 percent of the total U.S. population.

Simplifile also helped two new states—Delaware and Connecticut—open their doors to e-recording in 2013, making Simplifile’s service available in 42 states.

“We love what we do and seeing how happy it makes our customers to have the ability to e-record. It makes everything so much easier, and for me there is nothing more rewarding than that,” Clifford said. “We’ve led the e-recording industry for the past 12 years, and look forward to the continued growth, opportunities, and success shared with our employees, our partners, and our customers.”

The fourth pillar of ALTA’s ”Title Insurance and Settlement Company Best Practices" addresses recording standards to ensure a compliant settlement process. E-recording can aid in the implementation and documentation of these procedures.

ALTA held a Title Topics webinar last year that offered guidance on recording and pricing policies to meet this Best Practice.

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