ALTA Develops Online Educational Material Explaining Benefits of Title Insurance

December 31, 2013

ALTA is pleased to unveil its Title Insurance Education e-Kit to help members educate consumers, real estate agents, lenders, the media and others about the importance of title insurance.

“While ALTA continuously promotes the importance of title insurance, effective education comes from our members across the country,” said Michelle Korsmo, ALTA’s chief executive officer. “All parties involved in the real estate process—especially consumers—should have an understanding of the importance of title insurance and what’s involved in the closing process.”

Items available for download from ALTA’s website include a homebuyer presentation, videos, articles, social media content, brochures and other material that members can use for educational purposes. The homebuyer presentation includes recorded audio with a Power-Point presentation. The Power Point and script are available as separate files so members can modify and create their own presentation. The two videos available for download can be used by members to explain title insurance and the closing process. The videos can also be used as an example to help a company develop their own materials. There are seven articles in Word format covering a variety of title insurance topics, which ALTA members can submit to their local newspapers. Members can use the articles as they are (just add your name and bio information) or revise them to give them a personal touch by including information pertinent to their local area. ALTA provides information on how to submit articles to the media. Members also can use the material for their website or content for a blog. Articles available include:

  • Title Insurance Vital to Protecting Homebuyers
  • The Cost of Title Insurance is Worth the Investment
  • Do You Really Need Title Insurance?
  • What Every Realtor Should Know About Title Insurance
  • What a Homeowner Walks Away With
  • Understanding the Closing Process
  • Why You Must Purchase a New Policy When Refinancing
Because social media is a powerful tool to reach a wider group of people and provide education about title insurance, ALTA also provides sample content members can use on Facebook and Twitter. There also is a social media dictionary to help members get up to speed with unfamiliar terms. Three brochures are available as well. Members can download any of the brochures and print them or purchase printed brochures from ALTA’s online store. Here are the available brochures and what they discuss:
  • The Title Insurance Industry Protects Your Homeownership Rights: This informational brochure is written for potential homebuyers and explains the many steps land title professionals take to ensure that title issues don’t impact the owner’s property rights.
  • Why Title Insurance?: This informational brochure is written for potential homebuyers. Topics include owner’s coverage, lender’s protection, hidden title defects and hazards.
  • A Common Title Problem: This informational brochure is written for potential homebuyers, provides examples of common title problems and how an Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance provides protection to the homeowner.
“Buying a home is an exciting time, and the more consumers know about the process the better their experience will be,” said Frank Pellegrini, ALTA’s 2013 president. “The various elements included in the e-Kit help explain the closing process and how title professionals help consumers get the keys to their home and also how title insurance protects them in case ownership of their home is ever challenged.”

Contact ALTA at 202-296-3671 or [email protected].