Simplifile Expands E-recording in Indiana Counties

December 24, 2013

Four additional Indiana counties have implemented e-recording with Simplifile enabling faster, more cost-effective land document recording for thousands of customers.

The new counties now offering e-recording in the Hoosier State include Harrison, Perry, Porter and Wabash.

“The main reason we decided to start e-recording was to reduce the paper shuffle,” said Perry County Recorder Mary Lee Smith. “We'd heard from other counties how much of a success e-recording has been for them, and we felt it would definitely benefit us.”

With e-recording available, customers such as title companies, banks, attorneys, lien filers, and others who submit documents to these Indiana counties for recording will be able to do so via the Internet using Simplifile’s online service.

“We love receiving the e-recordings,” Smith said. “They are right there at our fingertips and it takes a lot less time to process the entire recording.”

According to Miller, implementation of e-recording is also provided at no additional cost to the county.

Harrison County Recorder Barbara Best shared that her office decided to start e-recording to “keep the standards of today’s technology.”

“I love e-recording,” Best said. “No opening of folded documents, no staples, no refolding and returning documents—it’s incredible how much time it saves.”

In addition to the time that e-recording saves both the county and document submitters, it also helps save money on paper, fuel and other expenses that come with traditional, paper document recording.

“The ultimate benefit of e-recording is providing enhanced service to the public,” Miller said. “A more efficient recording process reduces the turnaround time on processing documents, which in turn expedites the return of important personal documents back to the public.”

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