National Signing Service Partners with ResWare

December 3, 2013

MortgageDocs, a national signing service company, recently completed integration with Adeptive Software's ResWare platform, allowing clients to order notary services directly through the ResWare system.

Using ResWare, clients can place notary signing requests and receive order level updates from MortgageDocs directly within the ResWare platform. This integration adds value to ResWare and MortgageDocs clients by simplifying the signing order workflow, allowing for increased operational efficiency, response times and file accuracy, the companies said in a release. "We have been very detailed in our efforts to create an environment for ResWare users to place orders and receive order level updates directly within the ResWare system," said Chris Redmond, CEO of MortgageDocs. "The integration has established a number of validations to ensure that each order is complete at the time of submission. The result is a scalable and efficient workflow with user-level transparency and auditable results." The MortgageDocs solution includes a filtered network of industry complaint notaries, process controls, account level reporting and analytics, comprehensive order-level detail and live document tracking. "The addition of the MortgageDocs integration to ResWare demonstrates our efforts to provide our customers with the tools needed to achieve the highest efficiency possible. The productivity boost offered by this MortgageDocs will help customers improve quality and their bottom line.”

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