Pioneer Technology Group Partners with TitleQuest

October 15, 2013

TitleQuest, a provider of title services in Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic, is the latest agency to adopt the YourDox secure document service for consumers when closing real estate transactions

Most consumers walk away from a real estate closing with a file folder overflowing with paper. These files often include original copies of highly important forms and documents, many of which contain confidential and sensitive personal and financial information. After closing, these documents are often lost forever, or stored in places that can be exposed to deterioration, destruction, and unauthorized access by others.

TitleQuest, a provider of real estate closing services throughout Virginia, has now partnered with Pioneer Technology Group to provide a "green" solution for buyers, sellers and borrowers that protects and preserves these important documents, providing both safekeeping and secure access in the future.

"We believe it's important to improve the closing experience for our customers” said Nicole Ashley, operations manager of TitleQuest. "Secure document delivery and storage makes sense for preservation, disaster recovery, and future access. This technology also reflects our commitment to being a leader for data security and environmental responsibility in the real estate industry".

"We're extremely pleased to partner with TitleQuest, a proven leader in the home and loan closing process in the Mid-Atlantic” said Peter Johnson, vice president of Pioneer Technology Group. "Our expertise in secure records management for consumers, title companies, courts, and counties has contributed to the success of our YourDox system. This technology provides a new level of security and convenience for the many consumers, lenders, realtors and builders that have come to rely on TitleQuest as one of the premier closing and settlement companies in the Northeast.”

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