Adeptive and Skye Closings Partner

October 15, 2013

In an effort to better serve their customers, Adeptive has partnered with Skye Closings, a national signing service that understands the upcoming challenges of the Industry.

The partnership allows users of ResWare to post signing requests to Skye Closings in an automated fashion. Using the services already included with ResWare, customers can save time, reduce keystrokes, and eliminate potential re-keying mistakes, the companies said in a release.

Additionally, any signing updates will automatically appear in the request on the Skye Closings site so both parties are dealing with the latest information. Configuration and training can be accomplished within a day at no cost to the customer and no downtime is required. "Facilitating this process with Skye Closings will greatly benefit our customers and we are pleased to partner with them," said Bryan Buus, president of Adeptive. "Skye Closings' partnership with Adeptive and integration with ResWare offers ResWare users an opportunity to utilize a system that meets industry regulatory standards based on the ALTA Best Practices. Skye Closings appreciates Adeptive's commitment and support of its ResWare users as the Industry faces its new challenges," said Robert Banhagel, chief operations officer of Skye Closings.

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