Arkansas County Starts E-recording With ePN

September 10, 2013

eRecording Partners Network (ePN) announced two county offices in Craighead County, Ark., have started accepting electronic recordings.

The offices are located in Jonesboro and Lake City.

“Craighead County is very excited to begin Electronic Recording for our local submitters as well as our out of state submitters,” said Ann Hudson, Circuit Clerk for Craighead County. “The need for personnel to visit the courthouse or mail documents to us will be done away with and your recorded document can be returned almost immediately.”

Craighead County faced a unique situation for e-recording in that property has to be filed in one of the two courthouses depending on the location of the property. Each courthouse records and tracks documents separately. ePN worked with Craighead County to allow for e-recording in both offices.

“We were pleased to partner with Ann Hudson and her team at Craighead County to expand our eRecording network,” said Jerry Lewallen, president of ePN.

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