Pioneer Technology Group Announces Deal to Digitize Records for Flagler County, Fla.

August 29, 2013

Practically all property rights and ownership depend on the accuracy of public records and the process by which they are recorded.

Unfortunately, outdated technology in county offices can result in inefficient recording processes and recording delays, according to Pioneer Technology Group.

“These delays can have significant implications for clear property ownership, and also create opportunities for real estate fraud schemes that take advantage of ‘gaps’ in the recording process,” the company said in a release.

When the time came for Flagler County to upgrade their recording system, the county clerk's office selected the Landmark system from Pioneer Technology Group (PTG).

"I have known the team at Pioneer for almost 11 years," said Gail Wadsworth, Flagler County clerk and comptroller. "We are pleased to now use another one of their products because I know that they won't let me down."

The Landmark official records system provides recorders with a scan-first document process. Internet access for the public is designed around an easy to use interface that looks far more like a smart phone than a typical government website, according to PTG. The public interface also provides the ability to run multiple searches simultaneously. The system is offered both as a comprehensive N-Tiered structure for the largest of counties, and as a hosted system alternative for counties that prefer not to manage a network infrastructure.

"We're excited to add Flagler County to the growing ranks of new Landmark users," said Steve Rumsey, president of PTG. "The excellent response to Landmark throughout the country tells us that there's a real need in the marketplace for a better official records system. Over the years, we've learned that clerks and recorders offices value a company who listens to them, responds to their needs and delivers systems that reflect their input."

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