DigitalDocs Changes Name to NextDeal

August 13, 2013

DigitalDocs, a real estate and title industry technology provider, has changed its name to NextDeal, which the company said better reflects its core value proposition of providing solutions that feed the repeat business engine for title agents and their business partners. The company delivered more than 18,000 repeat business alerts to clients last year and is on track to beat that number in 2013.

NextDeal's solutions are used by title agencies to help simplify their document delivery and storage processes and add a competitive edge to their marketing. In a release, the company said its post-close marketing system connects homeowners to their title and real estate agents through something of true value: their closing documents. It sends homeowners reminders about their mortgages and homes that not only provide constant value, but also keep their title and real estate service providers top of mind.

"NextDeal was created to provide products for title agents that not only streamline their document delivery, but also create powerful and effective ways for them to differentiate from their competitors," said Robert Reich, founder and CEO of NextDeal. "We created the industry's only automated alert system that triggers the moment a homeowner is back in the market. Our title agents and closing attorneys are the first to know when a homeowner is contemplating real estate activity."

In conjunction with the rebrand, NextDeal is also launching a new title industry product, SafeSend, which encrypts email and documents for safe and simple transmission to consumers.

SafeSend works as a standalone system or as a plug-in for Outlook and addresses new industry best practices, which call for the protection of all NPI data. With SafeSend, title agents always know exactly when documents were received and opened, and can rest easy knowing they are secure and never compromised by public email servers.

"We created SafeSend to address a need to ensure safe, encrypted delivery of sensitive real estate documents to consumers," Reich said. "And now you can see exactly when your documents are received and opened."

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