Fidelity National Title Group NY Agency Unveils New Agent Resource Program

May 21, 2013

Fidelity National Title Group (FNTG) NY Agency is launching “Total Access,” a business-building program that provides top with direct access to FNTG’s staff, tools and resources.

According to FNTG, Total Access includes:

  • Enhanced website. Visitors to can quickly and easily connect with the resources and people that help facilitate the title insurance process. The site features a robust Agent Toolbox as well as online processing capabilities.
  • Channel FNTG. FNTG’s all-new media channel provides agents access to informative blogs and the latest seminar and webinar listings. Agents can join in and interact in social media venues as well, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Agency Business Advisors: Every FNTG-approved title agency is entitled to this agency advisory service which offers customized seminars, on-site employee training and other marketing services.
“Fidelity National Title Group’s mission is to be the premier partner for independent agents seeking the finest in title insurance brands and services,” said Ted Werner, senior vice president and New York State agency manager. “With that in mind, we developed Total Access to fully support our top agents by providing them with unparalleled access to FNTG’s people, reserves, and resources. We believe these initiatives can greatly enhance the capabilities of our agents, while helping us both to succeed in this highly competitive market.”

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