Outsource Service Provider Announces Changes

February 12, 2013

D. Bello Associates (DBA), a privately held, independent outsource service provider offering title plant, search and exam, and general title consulting services to the industry, announced a new business relationship with an offshore service provider. This relationship will allow DBA to continue offering its clients a wide array of outsourcing options through highly experienced providers.

Company founder and President Doug Bello has elected to return full time to the business. Bello had originally announced a plan to retire from the company late last year. Bello is fully committed to offering his four decades of experience to this expansion and growth.

“This new direction is exciting – both for us and for our clients,” Bello said. “Our mission is to offer broader flexibility, continued high quality and lower prices to our clients, while at the same time retaining the service and industry expertise that we have offered for over 20 years.”

D. Bello Associates also announced the hiring of Andrew Acker as its Operations Manager. Acker comes from outside the industry and possesses a wide array of operational and process management skills. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Biola University and is a routine speaker to college students on topics of business and leadership.

“As we branch out and continue to build our network of suppliers, our operations will become more complex. Andrew’s skill set and proven track record with operational processes will be prolific for this company,” commented Jeffrey Bates, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President. Acker will report to Bates in his new position.

D. Bello Associates has served the title industry since 1988.

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