Seven New Jurisdictions Offer E-recording Through Simplifile

January 15, 2013

Seven more counties are now available for e-recording through Simplifile, propelling what they anticipate will be an accelerated year of growth for the industry.

Within the first week of 2013, Simplifile’s e-recording service has been made available in the following counties:

  • Toombs County, Ga.
  • Wilkes County, Ga.
  • Sumner County, Tenn.
  • Oklahoma County, Okla.
  • Cameron County, Texas
  • Grant County, Ind.
  • Swift County, Minn.
These seven counties are now accepting documents for e-recording through Simplifile, which will eliminate many of the costs associated with paper document recording, such as shipping costs for sending documents to the county by runner, mail or courier service. With Simplifile, organizations such as title companies, banks, lien filers and attorneys will have the ability to submit documents for recording to the county via the Internet.

Sumner County’s Register of Deeds Pam Whitaker acknowledged that providing e-recording has bolstered their commitment to constituents by providing them the latest technology and streamlining their current recording process.

“E-recording with Simplifile will provide Sumner County a fast, secure and cost-saving solution that will significantly reduce the time required to receive, record and return documents to the public in a timely manner,” Whitaker said. “We are excited for the opportunity to work with Simplifile to implement our e-recording project.”

With millions of documents securely e-recorded and more than 800 counties across 44 states who are actively e-recording, Simplifile believes that 2013 will prove to be an accelerated year for the adoption of e-recording.

“Over the past decade, we have been the driving force behind the e-recording industry and have experienced steady growth with a service that remains unmatched by competitors,” said Paul Clifford, president of Simplifile. “Today, e-recording is no longer new or mysterious; it is accepted as a mainstream service proven to provide a safer, faster transfer of documents between recording jurisdictions and document submitters. Unquestionably, 2013 will prove to be another year of positive growth for the industry as more and more counties make e-recording their preference.”

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