Linear Title Capitalizes on Automatic Wire Submission with ResWare

January 8, 2013

Adeptive Software, the developer of ResWare, has integrated with Wells Fargo to improve the process of initiating outgoing wires. In the past, an accountant had to log into the Wells Fargo website to initiate an outgoing wire, either re-keying or cutting and pasting information for the wire into the Wells Fargo website.

Using this new integration, information flows directly from ResWare to Wells Fargo. Not only does this decrease the number of steps needed, but it also eliminates possible mistakes made when re-keying data, Adeptive Software said in a release. In addition, wire confirmation details are automatically pushed back into ResWare when Wells Fargo has successfully sent the wire.

“We continue to automate steps throughout the entire title and escrow process,” said Bryan Buus, president of Adeptive. “Partnering with Wells Fargo has proven to be a time saver and cost saver for clients.”

Linear Title is the first customer of ResWare that has benefited from this integration.

“Wells Fargo has been the most willing and cooperative partner. Other banking partners were not as willing to pursue our vision of integration to the full extent that Wells Fargo has explored. Their technical and business banking personnel have been easy to work with and have displayed the height of professionalism during this process,” states Todd Costa, Linear Title’s chief financial officer.

Jessica Digilio, Linear Title’s chief technology officer said eliminating re-keying wire information into the bank’s website provides their employees the ability to process files more quickly and more time to address other issues.

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