Simplifile Reaches eRecording Milestone

December 13, 2012

Simplifile announced Morton County, Kan., became the 800th U.S. jurisdiction to implement Simplifile’s electronic recording service.

Simplifile’s growth this year strongly shows that eRecording is no longer a new concept, but rather something that counties are actively pursuing.

“When new counties begin eRecording today, they are no longer diving into uncharted waters,” said Paul Clifford, president of Simplifile. “eRecording, without question, has become a mainstream service adopted by recording jurisdictions throughout the U.S. and has been proven to securely enhance the entire recording process.”

eRecording has introduced dramatic improvements to the recording process throughout the U.S., enabling organizations such as title companies, law firms, and banks to electronically submit land documents to county offices in a more cost-effective, time-efficient manner, according to Simplifile.

“Not only do we have 800 counties now e-recording with Simplifile in 40 states, but we also have more than 6,000 companies across the nation who entrust us to securely submit their documents to and from those counties,” Clifford said.

The rate of growth in adoption of eRecording throughout the country continues to increase as both submitters and recording jurisdictions embrace this technology.

“Morton County was happy to partner with Simplifile to offer our constituents an e-recording service,” said Sally Akers, the Morton County register of deeds. “This will not only speed up real estate transactions but also streamline oil and gas transactions in our county.”

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