Attorneys Title Agency Hosts Gift Basket Auction to Benefit Four Michigan Charities

November 29, 2012

Farmington Hills, Mich.-based Attorneys Title Agency (ATA) internally auctioned off gift baskets on Nov. 21 with the proceeds from the event evenly distributed to four Michigan charities.

ATA employees from all 30 branches volunteered their time and worked in teams to create and build 32 gift baskets filled with a variety of cheeses, sweet treats and gift cards. In a private online auction among locations, each gift basket was sold to raise money for the four charities ATA employees selected prior to the event.

Through the auction, ATA employees raised $3,300 and the company contributed a $2,700 gift. In total, the event raised $6,000. Macomb County Rotating Emergency Shelter Team, Kids First Initiative, Orion/Oxford Fish Organization and Habitat for Humanity of Clinton County each will receive $1,500.

“Each year we strive to help build and support our state through a variety of efforts,” said ATA Bill Robinson, ATA’s president. “Being able to partner with four charities for this auction is a great honor, and I am proud of the generosity our employees have shown—from putting the baskets together to donating to the causes—that has allowed us to surpass our goal.”

Robinson said ATA is committed to giving back to the community by partnering with various local nonprofit organizations that work to provide homes and shelter to those in need. The gift basket auction is part of an ongoing corporate giving program carried out by the company.

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