ALTA Announces 2012-13 Board and Executive Committees

October 23, 2012

ALTA is pleased to present its 2011-12 ALTA Board of Governors, as well as the Abstracters and Title Insurance Agents Executive Committee, and the Title Insurance Underwriters Executive Committee. Board of Governors President: Frank Pellegrini (Oak Park, Ill.)
President-Elect: Rob Chapman (Minneapolis, Minn.)
Treasurer: Peter Birnbaum (Chicago, Ill.)
Chair of Finance Committee: Dan Mennenoh (Galena, Ill.)
Agents Section Chair: Diane Evans (Denver, Colo.)
Agents Section Rep: Bill Burding (Santa Ana, Calif.)
Agents Section Rep: Herschel Beard (Madill, Okla.)
Underwriters Section Chair: John Hollenbeck (Santa Ana, Calif.)
Underwriters Section Rep: Steven Day (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Underwriters Section Rep: Stewart Morris Jr. (Houston, Texas)
Immediate Past President: Chris Abbinante (Jacksonville, Fla.) Abstracters and Title Insurance Agents Executive Committee Chair: Diane Evans (Denver, Colo.)
Vice Chair: Dan Mennenoh (Galena, Ill.)
Secretary: Celia Flowers (Tyler, Texas)
Three-year term: Cynthia Blair (Columbia, S.C.)
Three-year term: Tim Evans (Tipp City, Ohio)
Three-year term: Celia Flowers (Tyler, Texas)
Two-year term: Bill Burding (Santa Ana, Calif.)
Two-year term: Craig Haskins (Milwaukee, Wis.)
Two-year term: Brian Pitman (Austin, Texas)
One-year term: Herschel Beard (Madill, Okla.)
One-year term: Josh Reisetter (Brookings, S.D.)
One-year term: Dan Mennenoh (Galena, Ill.) Title Insurance Underwriters Executive Committee Chair: John Hollenbeck (Santa Ana, Calif.)
Vice Chair: Richard Patterson (Rocky Hill, Conn.)
Secretary: Mary O’Donnell (Winter Park, Fla.)
Three-year term: Mark Budzinski,(Minneapolis, Minn.)
Three-year term: Bob Grubb (Longmont, Colo.)
Three-year term: Stewart Morris Jr. (Houston, Texas)
Three-year term: Ted Rogers (Baltimore, Md.)
Two-year term: Morris Fine (Chapel Hill, N.C.)
Two-year term: Scott McCall (Dallas, Tex.)
Two-year term: Mary O’Donnell (Winter Park, Fla.)
One-year term: Peter Birnbaum (Chicago, Ill.)
One-year term: Steven Day (Jacksonville, Fla.)
One-year term: Rich Patterson (Rocky Hill, Conn.)

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