Ohio Land Title Association Honors Two Members

October 2, 2012

The Ohio Land Title Association (OLTA) honored William Zabkar with the 2012 OLTA Honorary Life Membership Award and awarded its 2012 OLTA Meritorious Service Award to Tim Evans of Evans Title Agency during its annual convention.

The OLTA Honorary Life Membership Award is the highest honor of the Association. It is intended to recognize an individual who has provided superior service to OLTA and the title insurance industry in Ohio over many years.

Mark Bennett, OLTA’s executive director, said Zabkar has been an instrumental part of the title industry for the past 30 years. He has served on the OLTA Board of Trustees including a year as president. Additionally his service has included terms on the American Land Title Association Forms Committee, the ALTA Judiciary Committee, the Ohio State Bar Association Real Property Specialization Committee and the Ohio Title Insurance Rating Bureau. Zabkar continues to be a significant contributor on a number of committees including the task force which reviews and revises the OLTA Title Exam Study Guide.

Bennett said the Meritorious Service Award is intended to recognize persons who have provided outstanding contributions over many years to the title insurance industry in Ohio and/or OLTA. It is intended as a high honor of the association to those who do not qualify for its highest honor, Honorary Life Membership, but who have otherwise provided significant contributions. Evans is chair of ALTA’s Title Action Network and serves on the Research, Membership and Title Industry Political Action committees.

A nomination letter praised Evans for his contributions to the industry.

“I have come across thousands of people in the land title business over the years and it would be very difficult to find an individual with more passion for the industry or higher ethical standards in the business,” the letter said. “He is a former president of the Ohio Land Title Association and is well respected by all his friends and colleagues. He is passionately dedicated to his family, his community and the industry he serves.”

Evans said he was honored and surprised to be given the Meritorious Service Award from the OLTA.

“I have always taken service to the industry and my community as a given," he said. "It has never been something I do for recognition, just as an accepted responsibility. To be nominated by a peer within the industry, selected by the nominating committee and recognized by the association is more than I ever expected.”

Evans added that the title industry is facing unprecedented challenges. Because of market pressures, it is imperative for everyone in the industry go get involved with their state and national trade associations.

"We need owners and employees alike working on behalf of our industry and taking the opportunity to be a voice to our clients, regulators and legislators," Evans said. "The Title Action Network is an ideal platform for individuals to get start today."

Click here if interested in joining the Title Action Network.

Contact ALTA at 202-296-3671 or communications@alta.org.