Underwriter Provides Online Closing Protection Letter Validation

September 27, 2012

Agents National Title Insurance Co. (ANTIC) announced a new feature to its homepage, the CPL Validator. The link has been created to assist lenders in verifying the status of closing protection letters (CPLs) and can be utilized by any and all lenders without a login and password to the ANTIC site. Online validation of CPLs provides protection to the lender that the CPL is valid and backed by ANTIC.

Currently, lenders must either call or email the company to verify CPLs. The validation link will now remove the requirement for ANTIC to manually verify a CPL and rely solely on the database. This will save lenders time and will speed the closing process, ANTIC said.

Lenders will now be able to verify all Agents National Title CPLs online at any time. All CPLs issued by Agents National Title will now have a verification code associated with the CPL. A unique verification code will be used alongside the CPL number to complete the verification process.

Any prior CPLs issued on Agents National Title will now also have the CPL number and unique validation code. You may view and reprint Closing Letters through the CPL Report located on the Agent Home Menu.

To view further details of the CPL Validation process, click here.

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