Agents Get Productivity Boost from the Integration of First American’s AgentNet and SoftPro 360

June 21, 2012

SoftPro, a national provider of closing and title software, has integrated First American Title Insurance Company’s AgentNet into the SoftPro 360 business exchange platform. AgentNet is a Web portal for title agents that offers a suite of time-saving tools designed to streamline their business processes.

With the SoftPro 360 integration, First American agents now have a fast, easy way to increase business efficiency, eliminate redundancies and gain unprecedented control over mission-critical information.

“There’s no longer a need to switch back and forth between the two platforms,” explained Joyce Weiland, president of SoftPro. “Authorized agents can now generate approved First American Closing Protection Letters and policy jackets directly from ProForm, as well as order and track the wide variety of related products and services available through the SoftPro 360 network.”

SoftPro 360 automatically transfers the necessary information to First American’s AgentNet platform, providing agents with consistent data across all systems and processes.

“This integration automatically performs thousands of tasks agents currently have to do manually for themselves each year,” said Weiland. “They’ll experience an enormous gain in productivity without having to change the way they work.”

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