Adeptive Partners With TurboDeed

March 13, 2012

Adeptive announced its most recent partnership with TurboDeed, a division of US Deeds Inc.

The partnership allows users of ResWare to electronically submit orders to TurboDeed for preparation of deeds and related transfer tax forms throughout the U.S. After those forms are complete, they will be uploaded back into the ResWare platform. The process is seamless and enhances the process for the user.

“Our customers will now have available to them a service for the preparation of quitclaim deeds, special warranty deeds, warranty deeds and even deeds in lieu of foreclosure that follow state-specific requirements,” said Bryan Buus, president of Adeptive.

As a result of the integration ResWare users can now submit deed preparation orders without leaving their normal processing platform, according to Steven Williams, president of U.S. Deeds.

“The gains in efficiency should be noticeable and significant for ResWare users,” he added.

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