Data Trace Title Plant Now Covers All California Counties

March 8, 2012

Data Trace Information Services LLC, a provider of data services to the settlement services industry, announced the completion of its title plant expansion project in California. With the addition of data from Santa Clara County, Data Trace is now the only data services company to offer its clients access to title plant databases in all 58 California counties. Last year, more than 100 geographically indexed title plants were added to Data Trace’s nationwide database.

In addition to providing property information indexed by a property owner’s name, Data Trace specializes in title plant data indexed geographically by parcel number. This geographic index reduces search time, especially in densely populated counties where there is a higher likelihood of property owners having identical or similar names.

“Over the years, we’ve proven ourselves as a leading data provider in the settlement services industry,” said Robert Karraa, president of Data Trace. “Through our continued geographic expansion, we are the first to offer our customers data covering the entire state of California, and do so through a single platform.”

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