ClosingCorp Partners with RamQuest to Deliver Automated Ordering Capabilities

March 6, 2012

ClosingCorp, a provider of residential real estate closing cost data and technologies for mortgage lenders, real estate professionals and consumers, announced a partnership with RamQuest, provides business solutions for title and settlement agents, to enable automated ordering capabilities for title and settlement services through the SmartGFE Calculator and RamQuest's Closing Market.

Through the relationship, customers of ClosingCorp's SmartGFE Calculator and RamQuest's Closing Market will be able to provide online title and settlement rate quotes to their lender clients and give them the ability to instantly place orders online.

"Today, efficient residential real estate transactions require timely delivery of up-to-date closing cost information," said Bob Hart, vice president of sales for ClosingCorp. "By partnering with RamQuest, we can provide SmartGFE Calculator and Closing Market customers with the most accurate closing cost data available, as well as the ability to seamlessly and immediately receive title and settlement service orders online."

The SmartGFE Calculator is a pricing and compliance tool that is posted on a title company's website and used by mortgage lenders to instantly generate title and settlement rates, as well as accurate recording fee and transfer tax costs. Closing Market simplifies order entry, facilitating communication and visibility among multiple parties throughout the closing process.

"Closing Market allows our clients to operate in a purely digital environment for unmatched efficiency," said Brooks Yeager, director of Internet Services for RamQuest. "Our goals perfectly align with ClosingCorp's commitment to improving the residential real estate transaction process, and our services and technology in collaboration will prove invaluable to the productivity and business objectives of our collective client base."

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