PRIA Workgroup Posts Revised Notary Best Practices for Recordable Documents Paper for 30-day Review

January 26, 2012

The Property Records Industry Association’s (PRIA) Notary Essentials Workgroup, co-chaired by Nancy Becker, Montgomery County, Penn., and Marc Aronson, Pennsylvania Association of Notaries (PAN), announced the release of its "Notary Best Practices for Recordable Documents" for 30-day review. The workgroup held a series of webinars to review the original document, first published in June 2002, and then presented draft papers at both the 2011 conferences to solicit additional levels of input. These meetings and discussions resulted in the final paper, which is posted for comment. In the paper, PRIA said successful administration of a secure and reliable land records system depends on quick, efficient and cost-effective process of making records available to the public. Recorders achieve this by reducing document rejection and facilitating their offices’ automated processing of documents.

To assist recorders, PRIA encourages specific standards for notaries who handle recordable documents and for commissioning authorities who appoint, oversee and discipline notaries. PRIA’s best practices address aspects of notarial practice that support the aim of facilitating the efficient recordation of paper and electronic documents.

  • PRIA’s recommendations are to help:
  • Expedite processing of recordable documents;
  • Encourage consistency, accuracy and completeness of notarial certificates;
  • Ensure readability of documents and the signatures, dates and notarial seals placed on them;
  • Reduce rejections of documents submitted for recording.

  • Any questions or comments should be submitted to Nancy Becker and Marc Aronson workgroup co-chairs, by Feb. 24.

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