TSS Software Launches New Live Webinar Series

January 24, 2012

TSS Software Corp. announced the “Do You Know?” webinar series, a complimentary training tool that helps TSS customers optimize their TitleExpress solution.

The “Do You Know?” Webinar series provides customers with TitleExpress tips and tricks and is conducted in a live, online environment by a TSS Software consultant. These webinars cover topics such as document customization, 1099-S reporting, and highlight add-on products and services compatible with TitleExpress.

“This webinar series is a beneficial training tool that offers our customers direct access to items that affect their day-to-day workflow,” said Barbara Miller, TSS president and chief operating officer. “Our goal is to ensure our customers are taking full advantage of their technology investment.”

The “Do You Know?” webinar series is available to all current support customers at no charge. As an added convenience, recorded versions are available for viewing directly on TSS’s website.

Click here for additional information on upcoming TSS Webinars.

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