New Mexico County Unveils Anti-Fraud Tool

January 24, 2012

PropertyInfo Corp. announced that Doña Ana County Clerk’s Office in New Mexico is the first county clerk’s office west of the Mississippi River to install PropertyInfo’s FraudSleuth software on its website to assist residents in protecting themselves against fraudulent liens placed against their properties.

“With the increase in fraud nationwide, I believe more and more counties will soon offer software of this nature,” said Lynn Ellins, county clerk of Doña Ana County. “We’re pleased to be the first among all western states to offer it to the residents of Doña Ana County.”

FraudSleuth empowers property owners to do simple name searches throughout the Doña Ana County document database to find liens that may have been placed against their properties. “A mechanic’s lien can be placed on any real property in the State of New Mexico without notification to the property owner, and such liens can adversely affect the owner’s ability to refinance or sell the property until the lien is removed or resolved,” Ellins said.

Ellins continues, “We were able to procure the FraudSleuth software at no cost, as part of our comprehensive PropertyInfo’ eRecording system, CountyFusion, and we implemented it on our website immediately offering a new service to our constituents.”

“We plan to enhance the system later this year to allow property owners to register their email addresses with the county, so that if any document is filed in the Clerk’s Office with the name of a registered user on it, the affected person will receive immediate notification.”

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