Title Source Says Its Smart Option Signing Breaks New Ground

January 10, 2012

Troy, Mich.-based Title Source reported it performed two ground-breaking Smart Option Signing online closings in December 2011.

On Dec. 23, Title Source completed its first international Smart Option Signing with a couple located in Singapore. The couple, Edwin and Wendy, logged into a secure Smart Option Signing portal and was instantaneously connected with Title Source closing agent Greg Johnson. The couple completed an online closing – via live video feed – successfully refinancing their Florida property.

On Dec. 9, Title Source performed another unique Smart Option Signing with a Montana couple. The husband and wife were located in two different geographic areas. Cheryl was located in Big Fork, Montana. Her spouse, Mike, was working in a zinc mine in Red Dog, Alaska. The Alaskan city is 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle and 1,000 miles away from any major city. Title Source worked with Mike to establish a high-speed internet connection. Once set up, Cheryl and Mike logged on and successfully closed on a Montana property with the assistance of Title Source Smart Option signing agents.

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