NextAce Co-Founder Rejoins Company

December 15, 2011

NextAce Corp., a provider automated real property intelligence, announced the appointment of Mike Armstrong to vice president of sales. In this position, Armstrong will lead all sales efforts, manage client acquisitions, and expand customer and vendor relationships.

Former Sales Vice President Max Harris transitions to vice president of business development and will remain the point of contact for all strategic partnerships, including those involving geographic coverage, data, images, and taxes.

“The partnership between Mike and Max is designed to take advantage of the many strategic growth initiatives we are already pursuing and others just waiting for our time and focus,” said NextAce CEO Don Cantral. “I am personally thrilled to have Mike back in the family.”

Armstrong co-founded NextAce with Cantral back in 2003. Having started his title industry career in 1982, Armstrong left NextAce in 2008 to garner broader experience in the title industry. Since 2008, Armstrong held senior management positions with Data Trace, a First American Company and Property Info, a Stewart company.

“NextAce is well positioned to continue its upward growth pattern, which is now supplemented by the opportunities brought to us through the company’s recent introduction of SearchQ, an online Property Ownership and Debt Reporting service,” Armstrong said. “This coupled with the fact that we’re a proven resource to many of the top title companies nationwide presents me with many exciting opportunities moving forward.”

“Since the launch of SearchQ in September at the 5-Star Default Services Conference, the product has been extremely well received in the marketplace. To date, NextAce has processed thousands of SearchQ orders for business to business clients and has secured significant agreements with business to consumer partners that are in the development phase and will be announced very soon,” said Harris.

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