Market Movers: Glance at Top Gainers and Losers in Loans Closed

October 20, 2011

The end of summer (August to September 2011) witnessed a dramatic change in the number of home closings for both the top gainers as well as the top losers, according to the latest statistics from real estate technology service provider eLynx.

The gap between the top winners (Washington at 24 percent) and losers (New Hampshire and Oklahoma, at – 21.9 percent) was also wide. While several Pacific states (Alaska, Washington, California and Hawaii) enjoyed significant gains in home closings, a number of states on the Eastern seaboard (New Jersey, New York) and in New England (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire) experienced severe declines.

This was the second consecutive period on the “Top Gainers” list for Hawaii. No states listed as “Top Losers” in the previous month repeated.

Click here to view a chart of the Top 10 gainers and Top 10 losers.

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