Help Inform the National Decision Makers

November 11, 2010

ALTA's 2011 Federal Conference and Lobby Day, which is being held March 13-16 at the Liaison Hotel on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., is the best way for title professionals to meet with Congressional leaders to discuss the importance of the industry and to share how federal decisions impact the future of your business.

The new faces on Capitol Hill provide ALTA and its members a great teaching opportunity to share how your industry facilitates efficient and secure real estate transactions and is the driving force that allows the United States to unlock wealth in property through a system that allows people to use their property as collateral to obtain credit.

ALTA will set up meetings with your Congressional leaders so that you can share this message.

You will also hear from key government officials, regulators and experts on several issues and legislation that your business will face in 2011.

Register and take advantage of special hotel pricing.

Contact ALTA at 202-296-3671 or [email protected].