Get Tips to Grow and Manage Your Business at ALTA Annual Convention

July 29, 2010

As business picks up there will be more opportunities to garner market share, and perhaps, hire new employees to handle the increased volume. Don't miss the 2010 ALTA Annual Convention, which will be held Oct. 13-16 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, to attend professional development sessions that will provide you tools to successfully manage and grow your business. The Professional Development sessions are provided by the Land Title Institute, ALTA's educational subsidiary.

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How to Get Closers to Sell

Darryl Turner, The Darryl Turner Corp., will teach you how to get your entire staff selling. Owners and managers will be able to implement a model to immediately get closers, processors and escrow officers to sell. Learn how to build revenue with your existing staff . . . without adding any new employees. Teach your closers how to sell and watch the repeat business flow in the doors.

Agency Growth through Successful Short Sale Orchestration

Of all the potential growth markets for any sized agency, the short sale market is the most feared and the most misunderstood. It is also the most accessible and has the most potential for profitability and growth. Chris Black, Winged Foot Title, will provide solutions and equip title agency owners and managers to capitalize on the short sale market, increasing their order counts and profitability. Learn from real examples how an agency leveraged the short sale market in Florida to earn realtor/clients and create a steady pipeline of repeat business.

H.E.A.R.T. Management - What's Your Office Culture?

If you are not creating your own office culture, then someone else is. Join Mike Pryor, The Pryor Experience Co., and learn proven tips on managing title company employees in a character-based office culture. Learn to honestly assess your office and apply proven guidelines to create and maintain an environment that is both productive and fun.

Legal Landmines: Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Employee Classification Issues

One of the fastest growing areas of employment litigation relates to employee claims of back wages and overtime for misclassified employees. Damages can run into the thousands and even millions of dollars, which could ultimately prove financially disastrous for a title company. Which employees are exempt and which are not? The U.S. Department of Labor has issued new guidance on the subject and Richard Andreano and Lindsey Weber, attorneys with the D.C.-based law firm Patton Boggs, will examine these new rules. Title company owners and managers should attend this session and learn how to stay on the right side of law and prevent potentially costly litigation against your operation.

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