Software Provider Releases Update

June 3, 2010

New Jersey-based Easy Soft, a legal practice management software and services provider, announced the launch of Easy HUD 4.0., the latest version of its popular real estate closing software. Easy HUD 4.0 automates the residential real estate closings from start to finish and offers a host of new features that make 2010 RESPA Rule compliance easier.

“One way for law firms, large and small, to remain competitive in today’s economy is to maximize efficiency and productivity.” stated Anil Narula, president of Easy Soft. “With Easy HUD 4.0, users only have to enter data one time and they can manage every aspect of their closing practice, from real estate document generation, HUD settlement statement preparation, disbursements and 1099-S reporting to trust accounting interface.”

A new Integrated Real Estate Documents module generates real estate documents such as letters, deeds, affidavit of titles, state documents and title documents. Apart from built-in real estate document generation, Easy HUD 4.0 now has many file management features such as, Case Status/Task Tracking, Case Log, Case Notes and LinkedDocs. Easy HUD 4.0 also enhances important RESPA related features such as smart itemization and set offs, provides addendum page flexibility and includes an automated HUD-GFE comparison sheet.

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