MISMO Governance Addresses Guidelines for Version 2.x Specifications

March 23, 2010

The MISMO Version 3.0 Reference Model was published as a Candidate Recommendation in December 2009 and is available for implementation by the industry. The new version represents a significant milestone in the progress of data standards for the industry and is the primary focus for MISMO Workgroup activity going forward. This notification is to ensure that all users are aware of the status and plans for MISMO’s Residential Version 2.x specifications.

A Dec. 31, 2010 sunset date has been established by the Governance Committee regarding the maintenance of v2.x specifications. From that point forward, no further v2.x maintenance would be permitted on transactions. Subscribers and users of the Version 2 MISMO Residential standards are encouraged to considered adopting the v3.0 specifications when contemplating system upgrades or enhancements to their electronic exchanges.

Final releases of Closing v2.6 and Property Valuation Request v2.6 have been recently made and there are no further v2.x enhancements outstanding. Therefore, v2.6 is the last specification published in the Version 2.x series of DTD-based standards. All new development efforts are required to be completed within the Version 3 reference model. No Work Requests to develop a new transaction in the Version 2.x series will be permitted.

The MISMO Residential Governance Committee has established the following guidelines for managing maintenance requests of v2.x:

  • Proposed maintenance of existing v2.x releases subject to the review and approval of the Residential Council of Chairs (CoC), Architecture and Governance Committee.

  • Maintenance releases of v2.x must be strictly limited to those that require minimal work, applied to existing approved and published transactions, and backwardly compatible with existing releases.

  • Enhancements to Version v2.x specifications would be further limited to critical implementations to support items such as time- sensitive government mandates, etc.

  • Production systems would be encouraged to upgrade to V3 to incorporate additional functionality or data not previously found in the Version 2.6 LDD.

  • For Work Requests submitted for v2.x maintenance releases that have been rejected for approval at the CoC, Core Data Structures (CDS), or Architecture level, MISMO Subscribers have the right to appeal to the Governance Committee and the MISMO Board of Directors through the process prescribed in the MISMO Policies & Procedures.

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