Stewart Company Unveils E-recording Option

January 19, 2010

PropertyInfo Corp.(PIC), a Stewart company, announces its new web-based version of eSecureFile for attorneys, title agencies and lenders. The web-based version introduces increased speed and efficiency to the title recording process allowing for electronic recordation of documents in minutes.

"In today's real estate market the 'race-to-record' is an all important facet of doing business," said Pat Vaden, president and CEO of PropertyInfo Corp. "And, to help reduce gap risk, documents should be recorded with their county recorder immediately after closing. With eSecureFile's state-of-the-art, web-based technology it takes only minutes to electronically submit land records for recording – virtually eliminating travel time and expenses associated with visiting the local courthouse."

With eSecureFile, customers enter the file number, select the document type, upload the documents and submit the packages electronically. Where electronic filing is permitted, eSecureFile supports all county requirements for recordation. In addition, PIC provides real-time reporting of transactions to better manage accounts.

eSecureFile offers an archival system that assures electronically recorded documents are backed up and accessible to the submitter. Funds for the recording fees are automatically deducted from the submitter's bank account through an ACH (Auto Clearing House) process. eSecureFile key benefits include:

  • Digital authentication and secure transmission
  • Document integrity – electronic audit trail
  • ACH processing of electronic recording fees
  • Toll free dial-in and e-mail support for submitters
  • Decrease in operating costs
  • Reduced time to identify document issues

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