First American Core Logic Debuts Fraud Prevention Technology

October 13, 2009

First American CoreLogic, a member of The First American Corp., announced that it has built the mortgage industry’s most comprehensive national fraud data repository to help clients combat all types of mortgage fraud and to further enhance the predictive performance of its anti-fraud solutions. First American CoreLogic said its National Fraud Database includes:

  • More than 80 million loan applications or 65 percent of all loan applications annually
  • The largest aggregation of reported fraud data including contributions from more than 35 lenders and investors with application and performance history dating back to 2005
  • The only collection of fraud information (including default, foreclosure, charge-off and repurchase indicators) robust enough for building precise pattern recognition scoring models
  • Daily contributions of application and lien information from 17 lenders within First American’s Multi-lien Closing Alert Program
  • The industry’s leading title, lien release and payoff information to aid in detecting various types of first- and second-lien fraud
  • Comprehensive third-party information including loan information on more than 160,000 brokers, 135,000 appraisers, account executives, loan officers and retail branches
  • Property and neighborhood-specific fraud and foreclosure data
The repository also incorporates the First American Property Data Repository; the LoanPerformance TrueStandings Securities and Servicing databases, which house 97 percent and 80 percent coverage of active non-agency mortgage securities and all active first-lien mortgages, respectively; the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) registry and price trends and foreclosure data.

“The best scoring and analytic products stem from and rely upon robust data assets,” said Tim Grace, senior vice president of Fraud Analytics at First American CoreLogic. “Our new National Fraud Repository enables our clients to have access to fraud-identifying data and analytics, new and innovative scoring products, and comprehensive fraud and risk alerts, making their internal safeguards more effective. As the number of participants and reporting companies grow, it will make fraud risk more transparent and make it harder for perpetrators to carry out fraudulent activity. Our goal is to help our customers reduce the occurrence of fraud schemes such as shot-gunning, loan stacking, undisclosed debt, short-sale fraud, falsification of lien releases, flipping and house stealing.”

As an example of how shared information, better communication and industry cooperation can stop fraud, Grace pointed to First American’s Multi-Lien Closing Alert Program.

This two-year old program, which includes eight of the nation’s 10 largest home equity lenders, has already saved the industry more than $200 million in fraud losses and significantly reduced the occurrences of “shot-gunning fraud” for program participants.

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